Mission Statement

The mission of Southern and Medical and Dental Careers Institute is to provide high quality, career oriented training, to a diverse student population. Our programs integrate modern technology and general education to enhance the graduate’s personal development and career potential. We offer comprehensive programs that are taught in a convenient systemic manner, with the ultimate goal being new employment or career advancement for the student. It is our objective to provide competency skills for students who are actively pursuing a career path that meets their interests and aptitude.

We are in a position to accomplish this goal by:

  • Working in conjunction with our very dedicated, highly-skilled instructors with many years experience
  • Applying our teaching system which allows our students to learn quickly and efficiently because we maximize the time and effort involved in advancing in these courses
  • Employing well-designed training programs


Located above a working dental practice, Southern Medical and Dental Career Institute, Inc. occupies 8000 sq. ft on the second level of the Cartersville Dental Group facility. The advantages of the close proximity to a working practice affords the students real life, hands on experience in the field. SMDCI has 4 spacious classrooms outfitted with computer workstations with access to healthcare industry software, a fully equipped library, a dental lab, break room and study area. This building was established in 2002 and is located at 22 Felton Place, Cartersville, GA 30120.

SMDCI Accreditation

Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission (GNPEC) – GNPEC recognized SMDCI in 2010 as an accredited private post-secondary school in the State of Georgia to offer career training programs in the dental and medical occupational areas. 

The Non Public Post Secondary Education Commission was organized under the Georgia of Education, and separated in 1990 by Georgia Code 20-3-250-1 to 20-3-250-27. The agency's mission is to carry out mandates of the Nonpublic Post Secondary Education Institutions Act of 1990. They authorize private post-secondary schools in Georgia; provided transcripts for students who attended schools that closed; resolved complaints.

To contact GNPEC:

Standards of Conduct

Students are to maintain a professional and positive attitude toward their schoolwork, the faculty, and other classmates. A copy of the Student Guidelines is issued at enrollment. Students who disregard the rules and regulations will be subject to dismissal. In most cases, students will be warned and subsequently dismissed if the misconduct continues.


Southern Medical and Dental Careers Institute, Inc. enforces equal treatment to all students. Should a student feel that it is necessary to file a claim, they must do so within 48 hours of the complaint. Otherwise the student forfeits the right to grieve the issue. The student is encouraged to put the grievance in writing, including specific description of the problem, time, date and parties involved.

After the school administrator has reviewed the complaint with the student, a final decision will be determined by the school director (Dr. Wise).

The student does have the right to appeal the final institutional decision to:

2082 East Exchange Place, Suite 220
Tucker, Georgia 30084-5305